10 Reasons Why Surveys Matter for Hairdressers

The Advantages of Using Surveys for Hair Salons

Hair cuts are filled with situations that can be downright uncomfortable for customers. Whether it’s the long waiting periods with nothing good to read. Or the small talk about the upcoming holiday. Or being pressured to schedule another appointment directly after you’re done.

And none of that compares to the (awkward) moment of truth. When your customer’s hair is cut and you need to ask her if she likes it. So she makes her voice extra bubbly and emphasizes that she loves it. But she actually hates it and doesn’t want to make an already slightly awkward situation unbearable. So she just tells you she loves it and never returns to get her haircut from you again.

So you lost what you thought was a happy customer and you’re not even sure what you did wrong! It’s a miserable feeling and adds yet another layer of stress to your life. And it’s eating at you knowing that you probably ruined someone’s month with a haircut they (secretly) hated.

And you don’t have any idea about how to make this a less painful experience for both you and your clients. The good news is… you’re likely over thinking about the problem.

Something as simple as a one-click or NPS survey that you can send out via email can completely change the experience you provide for your clients. A simple survey can help them share honest feedback so you have what you need to make improvements.

Here are 10 advantages to using surveys for hair salons and hairdressers:

infographic of the top 10 advantages of using surveys for hair salons

1. Customers can say how they really felt about their new haircut without the awkwardness

The worst part about getting your haircut is being asked how you like it when it’s done. You usually just got done chit chatting about the weather and upcoming holiday(s) for the past hour or so. And the last thing a customer wants to do is tell you how they really feel about their haircut (unless, of course, they honestly did love it). And you can always tell when they’re faking it.

You wish that they would just give their honest feedback so you can improve, but it’s usually too awkward for them. And one of the best ways to minimize the awkwardness is to ask for their feedback with an NPS survey.

An NPS survey is a survey posing the question, “How likely is it that you would recommend me to your friends and colleagues?”, with a scale of 1-10 for the respondent to choose from. And these can be sent via email with YesInsights.

So instead of putting pressure on your clients to potentially insult the last hour of work you’ve done, you can send an NPS survey a couple hours after they left. Psychologically, answering a survey is less personal than talking face to face, so you’re more likely to receive honest feedback.

And the NPS question doesn’t directly ask them how they liked their haircut, but rather if they’d recommend you to their friends. Which takes more pressure off of your customer. They are no longer insulting your work. Instead, they’re telling you how much they trust your service based on their most recent haircut.

And if they loved your haircut, you just subtly reminded them that they should refer their friends to you #doublewin.

2. NPS surveys encourage word of mouth promotion

Word of mouth promotion is by far the best way to market your business. It costs nothing, and you’ll see a larger ROI (return on investment) than any other marketing channel.

The difference between word of mouth promotion and any other marketing strategy is the level of established trust. People will always trust recommendations from their friends over a business. A study by Nielson Global Trust reveals consumers are 92% more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know.

graph showing that 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know more than any other kind of marketing strategy

Check out this video of Gary Vaynerchuk talking about the power of word of mouth back in 2008:

The only thing that has changed since Gary made this video was social media has become even more prevalent in our society. And integrating NPS surveys into your workflow can have an enormous impact on your social media channels.

3. Leverage your happiest clients for social media content

Regularly following up with clients after an appointment will eventually paint a picture of who your happiest (or least happy) clients are. If someone routinely gives you a 9 or 10 on your NPS survey, you can reach out to them for social proof.

You can ask them for a photo to post to your Instagram page. Or see if they’re willing to write an online review about your salon on your Facebook page (maybe for a discount on their next hair cut).

Usually, your clients will be flattered by your proactive approach and it will build an even stronger relationship in the future.

4. Makes it easy to identify which hairdressers are making their clients happier… and which are not

Running a salon isn’t easy. It’s difficult to tell who’s making their customers happier and if anyone is actually ruining their clients’ day, week, or month. A bad haircut can last for a while.

So it’s important to regularly check in with your hairdressers and their clients so you don’t let unhappy customers take their business elsewhere. A regularly scheduled NPS survey can provide dramatic insights into how all of your hairdressers are doing.

5. Higher customer retention rates

Your customer retention rate is a ratio of the number of retained customers to the numbers at risk. You’ve already taken the first step towards higher retention rates if you’ve decided to implement an NPS survey.

The ingenuity of the NPS survey is it makes it easy to identify who’s happy and who’s not. So rather than taking educated stabs in the dark, you can actively work to enhance the experience of those who aren’t happy.

And your clients will feel appreciated that you took the time to listen to their concerns and actively tried to improve their experience. This, in turn, will help your personal brand grow by leaps and bounds as you’re known around town as the best hairdresser ever!! 🙂

6. Getting your customers in the habit of regularly answering surveys allows you to ask other questions via one-click surveys

The NPS survey isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to surveys. But it is the survey that your customers are probably most familiar with and the survey that is least painful to answer.

However, once your customers routinely answer your surveys, you can use one-click surveys to reveal more insights about them.

A one-click survey is like a fully customizable version of the NPS survey. So instead of asking how likely your clients are to recommend you to their friends, you can ask them any other questions you can think of. You can write the potential multiple choice responses for them too.

Just remember, your one-click surveys should only ask the most important question or it will lose its beauty. Long questionnaires don’t work for a reason. You will get higher response rates and more actionable responses by focusing on a single question at a time.

You could even use one-click surveys to implement into your workflow!

You’ll have access to both NPS surveys and one-click surveys when you sign up for your free trial with YesInsights.

7. Younger people don’t like talking on the phone

John Brandon made a brilliant point in his article, “Why Millennials Don’t Like to Make Phone Calls” for Inc Magazine.

But making a call is a bit like sending a telegram or jumping on the train to take a vacation. For most Millennials, the goal is to place an order for a pizza, or book a trip on Expedia, or resolve a cell phone dispute. All of those things take time, and if you use the phone, they take even more time.

Yes, I completely agree with John. Nothing is worse than being trapped on hold for 30 minutes because you lose the freedom to work on anything else. I don’t mind waiting 30 minutes for an email reply. But I can’t be doing anything else when the terrible background music finally ends on a call.

And the same goes for scheduling hair appointments. It would be easier if I could just click a few buttons and have my appointment booked in under a minute. And once surveys are a natural part of your salon, this becomes possible.

You could set up a one-click survey to ask your clients if they’re ready for another hair cut. You could have a “Yes” response and a “No” response. The “Yes” response could load up an online scheduling app such as Appointlet where they can instantly schedule their appointment. The “No” response could simply thank them for their input.

No more pressuring clients to book another appointment immediately after chopping off their hair!

8. Ask questions that will allow you to cultivate a better waiting area

Everybody hates waiting. And in most cases, waiting is necessary when getting your hair cut. But waiting is just as much a part of the overall customer experience as actually getting the haircut. Which is why you should use one-click surveys to get a better understanding of what your clients want to do while they wait.

Maybe they are generally interested in current events and wished you replaced your outdated magazines with a TV station and put on the news. Or perhaps they are interested in fashion and would prefer fashion magazines over a TV.

They might even be completely fine with sifting through social media on their phone and you can use the extra money you saved for a TV to go towards another investment.

But you won’t know until you ask them! And if you ask them and they see the changes by the next time they get a hair cut, they’ll feel like you personally care about them, which breeds trust and loyalty.

9. Ask your clients if they want to small talk before the appointment starts

As the digital age pushes forward, it seems people are more and more uncomfortable with small talk. Or maybe everyone’s always hated small talk.

Either way, you could send a one-click survey to your clients and ask them before and save you both from the awkward situation of them telling you they’re not in the mood for small talk.

This is a great way to minimize all the inherent friction and awkwardness that some people feel when getting their haircut. And if you can eliminate most of the friction that comes when getting a haircut, you can bet they’ll be back.

And you can give your voice a break too! Some clients won’t tell you that they don’t want to talk. So instead of putting extra effort into starting a conversation, you can relax knowing that you’re actually making them more satisfied by not talking.

10. Create an experience that makes your clients feel welcome and appreciated

If you’ve implemented each of the nine previous points into your salon experience, you can be sure that your clients will feel more welcomed and appreciated.

You will gain a leg up on your competition by minimizing awkward moments alone. Combine that with improving your social profiles, increasing word of mouth promotions and referrals, and creating an awesome waiting environment and you will become the hometown favorite.

And it’s a business model that will last! As technology replaces more face to face interactions as the dominant medium of communication, your business model will continue to attract younger clients who would rather book an appointment online than schedule via phone or directly after an appointment.

It’s a recipe for continual growth and success 🙂

Bonus: Get feedback on your beauty products

One last idea to implement one-click and NPS surveys into your customers’ salon experience is by asking for their feedback on beauty products.

If you want your salon experience to stand out from the crowd, it’s important that your clients are frequently reminded of the experience they had at your hair salon. One of the best ways to do that is by sending your clients home with your beauty products.

If you’re like most salons and don’t have your own beauty products, then you can use a survey to remind them that they bought their beauty products from you.

And you can even go a step further by recording their answers and recommending products you think they would like more based off of their survey responses.

This is the final step in creating an amazing customer experience that will keep clients coming back for more.

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