3 Reasons Business Fail to Deliver Great Surveys.

Customer satisfaction research is an important boon for any company, but only if it’s pulled off properly. Online surveys give customers the chance to voice their opinions on products, and what they would like to see in future updates, leading towards a better relationship and increasing sales. Although, the real problems comes down to customers willingly giving up some time to take said surveys. Most of the weariness comes down to how boring and painfully complex the questions can be and time consuming. In this post we shall point out what causes these online surveys to fail in a terrible manner.

  1. Time consumption.

Customers are usually pressed for time and would gladly give up their time to take the survey and give feedback, but only if this can be accomplished quickly.Over saturating the survey with loads of questions will lead to customers having little interest in taking the survey and out right skipping it instead. Try to keep the amount of questions down to a manageable number, no less then 10 should be a good number. Over use of the text box will kill the interest of the customer, its best to keep it at the end of the survey, where they are welcomed to add comments.

2. Not asking any good questions.

This one may be the most obvious one, but do you really have an idea on what questions you should be asking your customers? Most people believe that they do. Survey responses can only be as effective as the questions that are being asked. Make sure to ask relevant questions in order to receive useful answers from the customers. Even so, the majority of companies seems to struggle with asking the correct questions. The bulk of the problems emerges from the close attention given to execution of the survey instead of  its preparation.

3. Fast action.

While companies may perform surveys on a regular basis, they don’t take the time to look at gathered feedback and respond regularly as they should. Unless someone is on the job of  analyzing the feedback and looking through the issues, follow up is most likely not happens as faster then customers would like. This leads to unsatisfied customers and future loss of sales for the company. When highly unsatisfied customers take the time to do the survey, this is them giving the company one last chance to redeem themselves.

Remember to always put the customer first instead of money, as having a great customer satisfaction will lead towards more sale. Use these tips to avoid any future potential survey pitfalls and gather necessary feedback to improve on the business. Developing a long-term positive relationship with customers will lead towards long-term loyalty. To start collecting user feedback today, use Yesinsights to create your own one-click-survey.

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