3 Rewards for Surveys to Incentivize Respondents

People respond to surveys for a variety of reasons. Having one’s opinions valued shows that the company does care about their respondents and the effort they put in. Although, another large reason most people respond is due to incentives they receive in thanks for participating in the survey. It’s not uncommon for companies conducting surveys to offer some kind of incentive to people responding to their questionnaires.

If you decide to follow this route and offer incentives to your respondents for completing your survey, make sure you choose something sensible. Correctly choosing an incentive can lead towards a large impact on the response rate for your survey.  Here are some incentives you can choose to offer the respondents of your survey.

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3 Rewards for Surveys

1. Money

Cash is always an enticing manner of encouraging people to take your surveys. Money is rarely turned down by anyone. Let me know in the comments if you can remember someone who left free money on the table! The amount offered needs to be substantial enough to incent your customers to respond. Which means it needs to be based on the level of engagement required. Time is money! Partner up with some sort of backend payment and disbursement service in order to distribute the money post-survey

2. Providing Options for Incentives

Provide your respondents a way to opt-out of the survey incentive. While money may come off as attractive for most, some people would prefer gifts that are non-monetary. Ensure the participants have the choice of rejecting the incentive in lieu for a more favorable perk. Conducting a poll to see what preferences others would rather receive as incentives could help out to better entice people in the future.

3. Sweepstakes

While sweepstakes may be a bit old school, plenty of people continue to enter them in hopes of winning a much more luxurious prize. The chance of winning a much larger and valuable prize will guarantee to raise interest in responding to the survey. The motivation of winning something of great value is too good to pass up by anyone.

Remember: You don’t need to incent¬†users to respond every time. In fact, most companies who excessively use incentives to elicit responses have a much deeper problem. Their surveys are so long and boring that they need to literally give away free stuff if they want responses.

Luckily, you aren’t them.

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