5 Tips for Designing a Good Survey that Delivers Actionable Feedback

When a company has questions for their customers regarding their business, the easiest way to gather feedback would be a simple one-click survey. Laying down some questions on what kind of improvements the company or product needs to undergo is quite easy.

Creating one question is pretty easy, but it gets harder as you keep going. Designing an effective multiple question survey that provides actionable feedback is nearly impossible. But there are effective practices that have been proven to increase feedback.

5 Tips for Designing a Good Survey

1. Simple questions

Questions should be easily understood by your customers. Use simple language. The idea is to write a question the customer will have an easy time to understand without the need of rereading it. Common language has shown to be the most effective way of achieving this method.  Try to imagine yourself asking these questions to a friend or colleague.

2. Sensitive Questions

After having answered a couple of questions, survey takers are mostly likely to be open with sharing sensitive questions. Place these questions, such as age, education, and other personal information, at the end of the survey.

3. Reassuring survey takers on secured data

Make sure to always tell the person taking your survey that any personal information will be kept safe and will not be shared with any third parties. Adding a statement on your online survey should foster loyalty and trust from future customers and increase the response rate.

4. Offer a way out of irrelevant questions

Some people aren’t comfortable with answering certain questions, due to either inexperience on their part or uncertainty on how they should respond. Offer them a way out by offering options they can select such as “Don’t know”.  Adding a way out won’t be necessary if the question being asked is something you are certain they can answer. For example, if you ask someone how they would rate the product they have recently purchased.

5. Test run

Before unleashing your amazing survey out to the world and receiving that juicy feedback, you may want to perform a test run on the survey. Get a group of people from your team to give it a try in order to see if everything is functioning correctly. This is the part where you have the team point out any spelling errors or questions that may not make any kind of sense.

Online surveys are simple yet effective tools that allow a business to gauge their customers’ satisfaction on their products and services. Keeping these tips in mind you will help you get the best results from your online survey.

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