5 Tips for Gathering Feedback From Employees

Gathering feedback from employees is easier said than done. Companies spend quite a bit on designing surveys for their employees to measure the levels of employee engagement. Unfortunately, most companies tend to have a pretty low participation rate.

Low response rates are an ongoing problem within workplaces. Usually, workers refuse to participate because they think surveys are useless. Unsupportive managers and unawareness of that the survey even exists are also contributing factors for low interest in taking the survey. So we created this list to help you boost your participation rates.

5 Tips for Gathering Feedback From Employees

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1. Bringing Managers on Board

One of the most important points for ensuring a large amount of employee participation comes from senior managers. By making the managers believe that the survey is highly important and having them publicly promote the survey, the response rate will definitely rise up. Managers should explain that the survey is inclusive for everyone within the workplace. Responses will remain anonymous. And how this is their chance for their opinions to be heard by the higher ups.

2. Ensure Anonymity

Most employees are rightfully afraid of speaking up in their workplace due to unfortunate consequences. By ensuring a guaranteed anonymity on the survey and the freedom voice their opinions without any negative consequences, the response rate will escalate. One of the best ways to pull this off is by outsourcing the survey, instead of using one created internally.

3. Hold Managers Responsible for Response Rate

Managers will be encouraged to remind workers of the survey if they’re being held responsible for the participation rate of their employees. And managers need to be aware that the lack of participation will directly or even indirectly reflect their leadership skills. With employees knowing their managers value their opinions and react to the results of the survey, workers will participate.

4. Incentives

Consider having some sort of incentive for employees to look forward to. It can be anything from a simple party, gift card, or even a trip to a certain location. Some places even have a raffle for employees who participate in the survey. While giving incentives is not the most important or a necessary requirement, it does increase participation rate.

5. Sharing Results

Share the survey results with your employees. Employees will be much more invested in the process and will continue to respond when the results are shared. This will also show employees that they matter. And that their input is valuable. 

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Sending out an employee engagement survey is just one of the many steps to undertake. We have outlined several tips on how to improve response rates. YesInsights allows you to smoothly send your employees a quick question. They can answer the questions with a simple click and provide additional feedback in their very own words. Responses appear instantaneously on the dashboard of your YesInsights account.

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