7 Email Poll Ideas To Engage Your List

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I recently discussed how you can use YesInsights’ one-click surveys to send out email polls to your list. Polls are a refreshing way to gain insights about your clients without them feeling like it’s just another survey. Polls are most effective when you use them to create a report based on the poll content that you can share with your respondents. Not only are you leveraging your polls for content, but you’re building a stronger bond with your current customers.

Here are 10 different email poll ideas to help you start brainstorming:

Idea #1 – Poll your contacts about Social Media

Social Media is here to stay. Whether it’s organic posts or paid ads, or Instagram or Twitter, today’s leaders in business spend a lot of time thinking about Social Media. And so do your customers.

You can poll your customers and see which Social Media apps they spend the most amount of time on, professionally and personally or you can ask about which Social Media apps they spend the most amount of money on.

Then take their results, turn it into a report full of images and graphs and share it with the world.  Not only will you develop a better pulse for what’s currently happening in the world of Social Media, but your clients will too.

Idea #2 – Poll your contacts about their most successful digital marketing channels

Another idea you can implement to get a better pulse of the current marketing world is to poll your customers about their most successful digital marketing channels. You can include paid and organic search, paid and organic social, email marketing, chatbots, and any other digital marketing trends you’re privy to.

Again, this will not only benefit yourself and your business but will give your customers a deeper insight into the marketing channels your industry favors.

Idea #3 – Poll your contacts about their current work life

You can gain a much better understanding of your audience if you know what their life is like at work. Do they work in an office, at home, or in a co-working space? Do they work a typical business week or are they hustling 24/7? How many employees do they have?

Those are just some example poll ideas you can ask to gain more awareness of what your customers are dealing with in their daily lives.

And again, the real benefit isn’t until you’ve shared your findings with your audience. Polls work best when there is a mutual benefit on both sides. It keeps your respondents engaged and teaches them something valuable about their peers.

Idea #4 – Poll your contacts about their current personal life

As a marketer, it’s your job to get inside the minds’ of your audience (in a not creepy way!). One of the best ways to do this is to ask about their personal life.

How much sleep do they get per night on average? How much time do they spend per day watching TV or spending time with their families? What kind of pets keeps them company? Do they exercise regularly?

You probably don’t want to poll your audience this question until you’ve built up some level of trust with them. But once you have, this is totally fair game. You should keep the responses anonymous if anything gets too personal.

But this is a great way for you and your audience to learn more about each other.

Idea #5 – Poll your contacts about their favorite music genre

All of your polls don’t need to be strictly about business – it’s okay to have some fun with them too. One fun way to poll your list is to ask them about their favorite music genre.

Do they prefer rock music or rap music? R&B or pop? Or you could ask them what their favorite decade of music. Were they into the glam rock of the 80s or do they prefer the Motown days?

You should include your favorite genre or decade of music when you’re creating the report. And you can use the insights you gained to inspire your next marketing campaign – such as personally thanking each customer who signed up for your promotion with a freestyle rap session.

Idea #6 – Poll your contacts about their favorite sport

Another fun way to poll your clients (that can also be leveraged to inspire marketing campaigns) is to ask about their favorite sport.

Are they huge college basketball and March Madness fans? Or do they prefer football, or even, fútbol (aka soccer)? This is another way to engage your list in a way that’s not directly related to business and you can have some fun with it too.

Then, you could even segment your audience based on their response and send a promotion to them around their favorite sporting season. #doublewin

Idea #7 – Poll your contacts about their favorite holiday

The last fun poll question you can ask is about your contact’s favorite holiday. Again, you can use this information to inspire future marketing initiatives if you’d like.

It’s a good way to get excited about the upcoming holiday season as well as learning about which holidays your clients most look forward to.


As mentioned above, the best use case of polls is using it to leverage content and to foster a better relationship with the people on your list. You’ll only be able to uncover so many new insights by only simply running polls. Turning it into content will actively add more people to your list while keeping your current list engaged and feeling important.

The sky’s the limit when you’re brainstorming new polls to ask your list. If you’ve thought of another poll question to send to your list leave it in the comments below. I’d love to hear what other great ideas you can come up with.

John is the Marketing Lead at YesInsights. John is motivated by a desire to make other's lives easier, particularly through digital means. He is fascinated by seeing other businesses grow, and that's how John landed at YesInsights.

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