Need to Avoid Survey Fatigue? Here are Four Tips

Survey fatigue is a real and serious problem for any business trying to gauge their customer base. Flooding the customer with polls will lessen their interest in responding. This will cause a huge negative impact in two ways.

Your customers will stop responding. And those who still respond won’t provide the data necessary to further improve your company and products. Wondering what you can do to avoid survey fatigue? Keep reading!

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4 Tips to Avoid Survey Fatigue

1. Don’t Over Do It

Surveys are everywhere these days. They’re online and offline. Just about every company uses them. This means you have to make sure the users don’t get tired of seeing survey requests from your business. Over-saturating them with surveys can cause them to think the surveys are nothing but spam and delete the messages causing a decrease in response rate. Or worse, their email provider will consider them spam and they’ll never even see your surveys. Try to keep a maximum of one survey every two weeks for the same people.

2. Shorter Surveys

Long winded questions will make the user much more hesitant to respond to the survey. For those who do decide to take the survey, they’re most likely to answer randomly or select the easiest choice. Instead of taking their time to give their accurate opinion on a product, they will finish quickly as possible. This creates a flow of unreliable data to gather around.

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3. Asking the Right Questions

Questions asked in surveys should always be focused exclusively on the type of feedback you’re aiming for. Placing down extra questions can be quite tempting to further gain more data, but gathering unrelated data can lead towards higher affliction of survey fatigue. Make sure to keep focusing on the feedback you really need to gather from your surveys.

4. Follow up

A good percentage of the time, people don’t expect to hear back after responding to a survey, which is one of the many reasons most refuse to even take surveys. By following up on survey responses, positive or negative, customers will see that you truly value their opinions. This is an opportunity to fix any negative experiences the customer may have had and transform them into a positive one.

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Whenever you’re creating a survey, make sure to take the time to consider the user taking it. After all, people don’t want to spend all of their time taking surveys. YesInsight provides its customers with not only a short and easy one click survey but captures email addresses without any need for user input. Use YesInsights to create your own one-click-survey and start collecting user feedback today!

John is the Marketing Lead at YesInsights. John is motivated by a desire to make other's lives easier, particularly through digital means. He is fascinated by seeing other businesses grow, and that's how John landed at YesInsights.

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