How Educators Can Benefit From Surveys

Educators are faced with many new faces this coming fall and teachers need to understand their students quite rapidly. Student surveys get teachers up to speed quickly regarding young people’s learning preferences, strengths, and needs. Hearing a student’s concerns can help the teacher make appropriate changes throughout the ongoing year. Feedback on what they liked and disliked about the class can also help the teacher refine and improve their teaching.


Online surveys are a quick and effective way of having students take the survey. If they’re done right. Not only can they be anonymous but it allows students to answer in a more honest fashion without the worry of repercussion. With today’s technology, students can access the online survey quite easily through either smartphone or a personal computer. Sending them through either email or placing it up in a social media feed, such as Facebook, will lead to a student answer the survey.

Parents Participation

Parents should also become involved by the teachers in their surveys as well. They should feel confident that certain situations are being remedied. Most parents are unfortunately busy, either through work or other important obligation and one-click surveys can help lessen their strained time. Responding to surveys aimed for them will allow them to easily voice their opinion without taking time off work. This will lead to a sense of ease and comfort for parents, knowing school they placed their child’s education into does care about their future.

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A healthy environment can lead to a major positive effect for both students and teachers. Bullying does happen. And often students aren’t willing to ask for help due to the risk in further putting themselves in danger. Surveys can find out if anyone is being affected by bullying. And the anonymity allows the student to voice it in a comment box. They can either reveal which student is causing the problem or give out hints on who or what to look out for.


Promoting a healthy relationship with both student and parents can be highly beneficial for any educator. Technology has paved a path allowing teachers to communicate in all sorts of manners. Whether through social media or email, surveys can lead towards feedback and change necessary for students to learn in a healthy and positive classroom. 

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