How Subscription Boxes Can Use YesInsights

Box subscriptions have become one of the hottest businesses to get into over the past recent years. Subscription boxes come in a variety of categories, such as fashion, beauty samples, organic foods, eco-friendly products, and crafts. There are even boxes for everyone’s daily needs, such as coffee, razor, and even underwear. It’s no wonder the business has been booming with both the consumer-facing business and upcoming entrepreneurs.

The versatility and popularity of these subscription-based monthly boxes show an immense amount of untapped potential. Running the business, on the other hand, can be a bit tough. Especially when it comes to building a loyal group of customers. Surveys are a great way of asking questions about the choices they make when interacting with products or services. Which turns their feedback into valuable data for future plans.

Subscription businesses thrive on their capability to service subscribers superbly. Receiving useful feedback and precise customer support is something subscribers will immediately expect. So the businesses need to stay on top of the general “pulse” of their customers. 

This is where YesInsights can step in and help your business out. With our one-click response survey, you can whip up a quick question and embed it into an email or into your website. Customers will only need to answer the question with one single click (or tap if on mobile). Once done it shall take them to a customizable thank you page, where you can ask customers an open-ended question for a deeper explanation.


Online surveys may be abundant, but YesInsights one-click responses and free-form comment field allow your customers to respond seamlessly. If you want answers from your customers today, a one-click survey is definitely the most enticing way to go. To start collecting user feedback today, use YesInsights to create your own one-click-survey.

John is the Marketing Lead at YesInsights. John is motivated by a desire to make other's lives easier, particularly through digital means. He is fascinated by seeing other businesses grow, and that's how John landed at YesInsights.

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