Implementing One-Click Surveys is a Smart Business Strategy

Businesses are continuously looking for new growth hacks that will expand their business and bring in more revenue. However, what’s often overlooked is the idea that you could implement one-click surveys to not only gain critical insights about your business but also to use to craft more relevant messages to your current audience.

One-click surveys are simple surveys that you can add to your website or embed into your emails that can be used to ask your leads or customers important questions about their experience.

Here are four ways implementing one-click surveys is a smart business strategy.

Use one-click surveys to gather feedback

A one-click survey hosted on a website could ask if the visitor a certain blog post helped them answer their question they had. Or you can follow-up with new clients after a month with a one-click survey embedded into an email to see if your product or service has lived up to their expectations.

In other words, one-click surveys help you gain a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not working, both for prospects and customers. They help you visualize areas where your business falls short so you can fix it as well as areas where you excel at and should double down on.

Implementing one-click surveys into your processes is important for just these reasons above, but there are even more possibilities with one-click surveys.

Use one-click surveys in your marketing

One-click survey responses are essentially CTAs (calls-to-action). When you send out one-click surveys in your email campaigns, you can use each different answer to further segment your audience so you deliver a more relevant message to your audience.

For example, we ask our clients in our onboarding process what’s their primary use for our surveys,  then send them specific campaigns based on their answer.

To set this up, you’ll just need to create a Zap that will subscribe them to a campaign when they select a certain response. It will take some work to set up all of your campaigns, but once they’re set up it’s on autopilot until you decide to change something!

Another way you could use one-click surveys in your marketing is to set up a website widget NPS survey that asks visitors how easy your site is to navigate. If you use this in part with Crazy Egg or Hotjar, then you’ll know exactly where – and why – users are taking specific actions on your site.

The best part? You could even turn visitors into leads if they love your site and want to give you their email! #doublewin

Use one-click surveys for developing new features

Another way to gather feedback from your prospects and customers that can help your bottom line is by sending a one-click survey to ask about their interest in various new product features.

You can set up a simple email survey asking “What product feature would you like to see next?” and then sit back while the results pour in. Make sure you keep your responses reasonable. You’ll only discourage people if you have no way to build the features you’ve promised.

Use one-click surveys to make your customers adore you

Building a successful business is one thing. But having customers fall in love with everything you do is a totally separate thing. Think Apple.

And one-click surveys can aid in this effort as well! The more creative you are, the better. For example, if you’ve kept track of your customers birthdays, you can send them a one-click survey asking them if they want a birthday gift and when they click a response, you can send them a $10 Starbucks or Amazon gift card. Depending on which email marketing platform you’re using this could easily be automated.

Or you could send your prospects a link asking if they want a coupon and when they click yes, you trigger a follow-up email with the coupon code.

These are just a few of the ways to implement one-click surveys that can directly benefit your bottom line. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment below, I’d love to hear em!

If you’re interested in using one-click surveys for your business, you can try YesInsights for a week free!

John is the Marketing Lead at YesInsights. John is motivated by a desire to make other's lives easier, particularly through digital means. He is fascinated by seeing other businesses grow, and that's how John landed at YesInsights.

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