How We Increased Our Survey Response Rate by 400%

As a marketer at an early stage startup, I am always trying to get customer feedback so we can make educated decisions on what to build next or which marketing channel to focus on. To do this, we previously built a survey on Google Forms and emailed our customers a link there. But I only got a 1% survey response rate! That’s absolutely dismal and we knew we had to improve.

I asked a startup group on Facebook for tips and someone suggested I check out YesInsights.

What Is YesInsights?

image of yesinsights and their one click surveys used to boost survey response rates

YesInsights is a tool that allows you create ‘one-click’ surveys. That means your customers can answer your questions directly where you shared them (versus clicking a link to Google Forms, for instance).

Surveys can be embedded in most email marketing services like MailChimp, Convertkit, Campaign Monitor, etc. They can also be shared through your personal email box, on your blog, or platforms like Medium or Quora. Start your free trial to YesInsights now!

In our case, we sent them through email using MailChimp.

How It Works

Creating and sharing a survey is fairly straightforward. I start by writing my question and responses.

image of creating a yesinsights survey

Next, I choose where I want to share it then copy and paste the survey snippet directly into the email editor in MailChimp. I use MailChimp but YesInsights is compatible with more than 30 different services. There’s no coding necessary and it’s super easy to do.

image of integrating your yesinsights survey into mailchimp, one of our 30+ email integrations

Now I can send it out to our mailing list or use it as part of an automated drip campaign. Once a customer responds, their answer and identity get recorded immediately, and they’ll land on a ‘thank you’ page where they can give additional feedback.

Did we increase our survey response rate?

The biggest factor is that our customers can now answer my question directly in my email by clicking one of the preset answers. It might not seem like a big difference, but showing customers our survey in the native environment is huge! People are busy and skeptical to click a link to take a ’short’ survey. They will rarely jump through extra hoops so it’s important to make it easy as possible.

image of the difference between one click surveys and traditional surveys. one click surveys get much higher survey response rates than the latter

The second and equally important factor is that YesInsights actually records who responded without requiring our customers to manually enter their email! Again, it seems minor at first, but it actually makes a big difference. If someone opened our Google Forms survey on mobile, chances are they wouldn’t want to go through an extra step of entering their email address and we would never get that feedback.

image of the huge results we saw in our survey response rate thanks to yesinsights

With these two primary factors, we were able to increase our survey response rate by 400%! That is a HUGE win for us.

One additional feature I haven’t used yet: I can also set an automatic follow-up email for anyone who responds to my survey directly in YesInsights. For example, I can automatically email any respondents an Amazon coupon code. This looks very promising.

What I’d Like To See

I can post YesInsights surveys on our blog or on Medium, but it doesn’t automatically capture the identity of respondents. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but it would definitely be nice to see.

I’d also love the option of getting a daily or weekly report of survey responses. At the moment I get notified by email every time someone responds which adds to the bulk of the inbox.

Final Thoughts

YesInsights is an incredibly simple tool that solved a problem for us. We were able to make our surveys painless to answer and, because of this, increase our survey responses rates by 400%! We’ve been asking questions about new products and the results have been incredibly helpful in helping us make informed decisions on what to release next.

No wonder even established companies like Netflix are starting to deploy one-click surveys over long-form questionnaires.

image of netflix using one click surveys to boost their survey response rate

We love YesInsights but would love to hear other methods of gathering customer feedback. How do YOU get actionable customer feedback?

If you have any thoughts, please leave us a comment below!

John is the Marketing Lead at YesInsights. John is motivated by a desire to make other's lives easier, particularly through digital means. He is fascinated by seeing other businesses grow, and that's how John landed at YesInsights.

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