Looking For Feedback? Ask Your Customers These 5 Questions.

Online surveys are incredibly efficient tools for gathering feedback from customers using your products. In a blink of an eye you can scramble up an online survey and start amassing feedback from actual customers. Carrying out the survey can be quite simple, it’s constructing the survey that’s the complicated part as you won’t gain any sort of necessary feedback you’re after if the correct question aren’t asked. For this post I shall outline useful and friendly user feedback questions for online surveys.

1. Would you recommend this product to a friend?

This is a fantastic way of determining what customer opinions are when it comes down to your product. People will be less inclined to recommend the product they don’t view in high esteem. Instead of simple “Yes” and “No” feedback consider supplying with “Yes, I’d definitely recommend this because…” or “No way would I recommend this because…” as one of the many possible choices, so you can gather the information on why the customer wouldn’t recommend the product.

2. What part of this product do you find annoying?

Loads of products have the tendency to focus on cramming as much features as they possibly can, instead of ensuring current features work seamlessly. Asking which features is currently annoys the customer is a fantastic way of gathering data for currently existing features, and further improving said features. This can easily be handled by asking for a list of top 5 most annoying  features or simply asking which is the most annoying one out of all of them.

3.  If you could change a single thing about this product what would it be and why?

This is a brilliant way of discovering any sort of major annoyances or feature oversights. By Inquiring for a single change, the Customer will pause in thought and take the time to consider what is most important to them. Alternatively, you could ask for a small list of things they would like to change the most.

4.  What kind of rating would you give this product?

This is the type of question you would normally see while shopping online with customers asked to review and rate their product. You could implement a similar technique by asking for either and overall rating or rating certain areas. Personally, i would use the 5 star rating system instead of 10 due to its simplicity offered to the customer. Another good idea is ask the reviewer for an explanation behind their given score.

5.  Anything else you care to share or get off your chest?

This is a terrific way of ending the survey as it gives customers the chance to express their thoughts on anything the survey may have not touched upon and shows that your customers opinions are important enough to listen to. Just keep in mind to not take anything said too personally, as people love to rant for the sake of ranting.

The beauty of feedback surveys is the flexibility it presents when it comes down to asking your valued customer a question. Don’t be afraid to be creative and unique with the questions for the survey. After all, your goal is to entice the customers into answering your questions and using said information to further improve the product you have worked tirelessly to perfect. The customer satisfaction should always be valued, as it’s a leading indicator consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty. To start collecting user feedback today, use Yesinsights to create your own one-click-survey.

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