NPS Benefits: How NPS Surveys Can Improve your Customer Experience

Successful companies have managed to achieve their position as top dogs by keeping their customers satisfied. Although, gauging the reaction of customers has become popular for all companies over the past year. And it makes sense.

NPS Benefits

Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a useful and practical method when it comes down to gathering actionable data from customers. Helping businesses understand how their customers feel about the service they received and the product they purchased allows them to improve their business at every level.  Here are some reasons why this system can be beneficial for your business.

Customer Loyalty

NPS is a fantastic way to measure customer loyalty. The system has a way of recognizing and understanding how loyal the customer is in order to gauge their satisfaction. The system can allow the user to link the improvements made in loyalty customer to business outcomes. By asking a single question you can gauge a steady level of satisfaction from customers. Then a few months later ask a similar question and compare the results. This allows you to analyze whether the changes you’ve made have caused a positive or negative impact on your customers’ experience.


Every successful company wants to keep their customers feeling happy. The real challenge comes from getting a glimpse on how they view your business. NPS has the metrics available to effectively measure customer satisfaction so you can plan out a way to increase it. You’ll be able to tell if the implemented action plan improved customer satisfaction or not by tracking customer satisfaction from one survey period to the next. 

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The NPS score also gives you a good idea on how many customers advocate for your business. A score of 50 given by the NPS is considered to be good, with half the customers considered possible “promoters”, actively spreading the word of your product/service. NPS allows you to see whether you’re developing more customer advocates or failing to retain any of them. Successful businesses leverage customer advocates to spread positive messages about them.

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The customer experience you provide is what really astonishes your customers. Think about it. It’s the difference between Starbucks and your local gas station. Utilizing NPS allows you to be accountable for the level of service provided and the overall experience the customer undergoes. By asking a single question, you can make customers open up and gain the feedback that tells you what they really think about your business. Leverage your NPS to delve further and use the gathered feedback to make better-informed business decisions. Which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer measurement has come a long way in the history of the business industry. We’ve realized that the Net Promoter Score holds the best advantages available. Don’t let your customers slip away. You can start your free trial to YesInsights here

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