How To Use One-Click Surveys To Segment Your Marketing Efforts

As marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to craft a more relevant message to our prospects and leads. We understand the importance of relating your our audience whether it’s adding personalization tokens in an email or calling a specific market out in a campaign.

Everybody’s favorite word is their own name. And prospects and customers respond to ads much better if they’re actually interested in what the ad is trying to sell them. But usually, these marketing tricks of the trade don’t come with 100% agreement from the receiving side.

Often, marketers are able to attain your name and industry because you needed to trade them for a valuable download such as an ebook or infographic. While you’ll have more success if you implement these tactics, you will fail in comparison to those who explicitly ask their customers if they want to be added to a certain campaign or sale funnel.

Just because they wanted your ebook doesn’t necessarily mean they want to hear about your upcoming sale or are even interested in your what you’re selling. And if you email them anyway, they will likely leave the email unread or they will open your email and won’t click. This hurts your engagement rates, but that pales in comparison to not reaching your target of conversions.

But what if we actually gave our customers and prospects a chance to tell us if they want to be in a campaign or not? What if they had to explicitly say they wanted to be emailed about a specific campaign? Surely, we would see an increase in our conversion rate. But I’m sure many marketers would strike back with how it’ll likely result in less overall sales because nobody is going to take the time to respond to emails asking if they want to be included in a certain campaign. And they wouldn’t be wrong.

Using surveys to segment your marketing

However, what if it was possible to explicitly ask prospects and customers for their consent to a specific campaign and require only a single click? They wouldn’t have to send you an email and make an extra 100 clicks on their keyboard and mouse to say yes or no. They wouldn’t need to give reasons why or why not. They would barely even need to read your preliminary email. They would simply need to click Yes or click No.

You can unlock this marketing magic with YesInsights‘ one-click surveys. 

Each response to our one-click surveys is essentially a link. Normally, users keep our default landing page as it provides a way for respondents to add more insights about their feedback. But you can trigger each response to go to a different landing page, any landing page that you want.

Here’s how:

how to send respondents to a custom landing page with YesInsights as a way to use surveys to segment your marketing

Alternatively, if you have a Zapier account (which is free to create) you can trigger a certain selected response to add your users to a dedicated workflow for your specific campaign. So, for examples, they click Yes and Zapier will automatically add them to a workflow.

This process is a chance to improve your conversion rates and your total sales due to little friction involved on the respondents’ end. Your message automatically becomes that much more relevant. And the prospects and customers who aren’t interested will be grateful for the option to opt out.

If you’re interested in using surveys to segment your marketing efforts, I invite you to try YesInsights completely free of charge for an entire week.

John is the Marketing Lead at YesInsights. John is motivated by a desire to make other's lives easier, particularly through digital means. He is fascinated by seeing other businesses grow, and that's how John landed at YesInsights.

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