How to Use One-Click Surveys to Send a Poll via Email

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One-click surveys are surveys that you can send via email that let you ask your most important question to your customers and prospects. One-click surveys are generally used to gather feedback, but there’s more than meets the eye in terms of using one-click surveys for other reasons.

For example, you can use one-click surveys to get feedback from not only your customers but your employees too. You can use them to foster better relationships with your clients by engaging them in a way that doesn’t demand their feedback.  You can even use them to segment and boost your marketing efforts.

And due to the way YesInsights stores insights about each question you ask, you can use one-click surveys to send a poll to your email list (or host one on your website).

How to Use One-Click Surveys to Send a Poll

A poll is essentially a one-question survey where you can track responses over time to gain more insights on whatever problem you’re trying to solve. That’s it! And using a survey software such as YesInsights will make sending polls as easy as possible.

Your first step is to create a poll in your YesInsights account. You can refer to our email integration guides for your specific email platform.

Once you have a question in mind, you’ll need to fill in all the possible response options.  You can have as little as one response or as many as you’d like (though we’d urge you not to add too many survey responses).

Once that’s all completed, you’ll simply need to select the email platform you’re wishing to send this poll survey with and copy and paste the embed code into your email. Again, refer to our email integration guides for a comprehensive guide on each specific email platform we integrate with.

And then you just need to sit back and wait for your results to come in.

Analyzing Results

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Above is an image of what your poll campaign will look like in your YesInsights dashboard. You will be able to see your individual survey results when someone answers your survey. You’ll be able to see how many people selected a certain response as well as the percentage of each specific answer compared to the total number of responses.

In Design Pickle’s survey pictured above, you can see that nearly 52% answered that they’re able to get most of their work done from home compared to about 3% of responders who answered their joke response saying they don’t work only nap.

You can then take the data from your poll and turn it into a comprehensive report, using your own analysis to paint a clearer picture to your audience. Or you can simply screenshot the results when the poll has run its course and send it to all the responders.

The best part about using a survey software to send polls via email is you’ll be able to see the email addresses of each person who responded. You can export that list of email addresses from YesInsights, re-upload it into your favorite email marketing platform, and easily send them the results of your survey.

And that’s really all there is to it! Next week I will dive into unique poll ideas for a variety of different industries, so make sure you check back here if you’re getting stuck in the brainstorming process.

If you need a survey software program, you can try YesInsights for a week free of charge. Join today!

John is the Marketing Lead at YesInsights. John is motivated by a desire to make other's lives easier, particularly through digital means. He is fascinated by seeing other businesses grow, and that's how John landed at YesInsights.

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