Why Do People hate Surveys? Here are Three Reasons

It’s not hard to understand why most people have a disdain for surveys. Usually, surveys try to sell the person their product, instead of coming off as a legitimate question. Unfortunately, this has caused an impact to build up over the years with people brushing off surveys sent to them, even if the business conducting it is a legitimate one. There are many reasons why people have come to dislike surveys. We’ll name few reasons behind it so you know what to avoid! 

1. Selling through surveys

Despite the opinion of some, most consumers are smart individuals. If you’re using the survey to sell a product, the participant will most likely see through it. Use the survey to foster feedback. Disguising it to seem as if you’re gaining feedback will only make the person less trustful of the company, but also lead to them losing trust in the surveys entirely. Additionally, don’t try to contact the person afterward and use their feedback to further sell your products. Rather, you should thank them for their feedback and ask them follow-up questions.

2. The power of smartphones

These days most people don’t have much time to sit around all day, either due to work or having something important to handle. Smartphones are powerful tools to reach out to loyal customers and gain feedback with a simple survey. By ensuring your survey is smartphone friendly, you’ll increase the chance of receiving more feedback from loyal customers. The survey should be optimized for smartphones so they can easily select or swipe their answers without any trouble.

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3. Boring questions

The main point of a survey is to gain insightful feedback from the user, not bore them to death. Try to make the survey an enjoyable experience for the respondent. Remember that the person taking the survey is a human being, so make sure to make the survey come off as a normal conversation between two people. Beautifully designed surveys with a new template or images will also keep the user captivated. Lastly, try to vary your questions throughout the survey, or any future surveys you may send out to your loyal customers.

Maintaining a form of credibility of surveys is highly important for getting more feedback in the future. Without any surveys, your company won’t have any idea on the necessary features and complaints people are discussing.

John is the Marketing Lead at YesInsights. John is motivated by a desire to make other's lives easier, particularly through digital means. He is fascinated by seeing other businesses grow, and that's how John landed at YesInsights.

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